Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't take (it) for granted.

Our neighbors next door(who come to Split for the summer) were kind enough to offer us their membership card to Metro (Think Costco..only its for business owners). We though today was a good day to go shopping as it was cloudy and a chance of rain plus Isabela is running out of pampers.

Imagine MY surprise when I am walking down the aisle and I see a jar of pickled jalapenos. I look again to see if my eyes played a trick on me. No, the jar is still still there with a sticker price of 26 kunas (Yeah do the conversion in dollars=expensive= $5dollars). I yell at my husband who is at the other end of the aisle, "YOU HAVE TO COME AND SEE WHAT I FOUND!!!!!". He rushes over sees the jar and asks "how many do you want to buy since the likelyhood of us coming back is slim to none as our neighbors are heading back to Zagreb?" I say two, he says No, no lets buy 4 or 5! We compromised and purchased 3 jars.

Thank you casafiesta for making it to Metro could you maybe try to squeeze yourself into Billa or Kaufland??

(I am eating them now straight from the jar and oh I am NOT disappointed, they are spicy!)

OH, my husband just informed me as I am typing this now that I should actually
thank nikas since they were responsible for importing the product into Croatia. So thank you NIKAS you have a very grateful mexican-american chica in Split, Croatia. (I just hope they read this blog).

We also found fresh jalapenos FOUR for FOUR dollars, and corn tortillas #8 for $5. We thought this was an outrageous price and we settled on purchasing the pickled jalapenos.

And another LUXURY I found and please don't laugh but I have not been able to find peanut butter anywhere until today: So don't take it for granted....Because I paid $7 crispy dollars for this little itsy jar.

Silly how these items bring such happiness. Oh if only now I can find Maple Syrup and Pancake mix.


  1. I know the feeling chica, it's like that in my Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn! Oy!

  2. I found at super target a La Costena can for.....should I tell u? 86cents for a bote of la Costena yeap!!


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