Saturday, September 19, 2009


Split has a vegetarian restaurant!!! is what I told my husband after reading a magazine article about places one must eat when in Split. After getting lost in the city, because it is a bit tricky to find it even for my husband who is a local, we found Makrovega tucked in between the cobbled stone streets.

Check out the galerija on their webpage for an idea of their desserts YUMMY. I even had the opportunity to speak with the owner and she mentioned they offer cooking lessons!

Red bean and vegetable soup ( It was really tasty!)

Green salad

The main course consisted of vegetable risotto, lentils, and skewered vegetables. And the price affordable $11.00 which excludes drinks.

After lunch we attended the Split Film Festival and saw the documentary Los Herederos. I was born in Mexico and while my childhood was not the one depicted here, it was still a hard one. As I watched the documentary I thought about my nephews. The review by Jim Lesses sums up every thought that crossed my mind while watching the film. It is a heart-breaking film that left me with a feeling of guilt and yet an understanding that if they don't work they won't eat.

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