Thursday, September 3, 2009

The daredevil:My Isabela?????

I Received via email a description of those born under Aries sign and while I generally don't think too much about these things I couldn't help but think that someone was talking about my daughter.....

Are these characteristics of Isabela..The daredevil.................................????

Energetic (should I talk about her 4am jogging session today?)

Adventurous and spontaneous(she approaches and pets the chickens at grandpa's farm)

Confident and enthusiastic ( Totally knows she is ADORABLE)

Fun,Loves a challenge (Tonight we went to the beach for dinner: pizza and chocolate milk)

EXTREMELY impatient ( Inherited from Daddy...ok seriously what 16 month is NOT impatient..)

Sometimes selfish(Not Isabela who says Mine! Mine! as I try to hug her teddy bear..)

Short fuse-Easily angered (Inherited from Mommy..If I don't give her the toy back after she says Mine! she screams for her Daddy..and yes he comes to the rescue.Sooo Daddy's girl!)

Lively, passionate, and sharp wit (She knows how to love her "baby":: by putting her hands around baby's neck,in a choking manner while kissing it....)

Outgoing (VERY much so, inherited from grandma Maria and grandpa Ljubo)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored. (Really, my 16 month old? NO!)

Egotistical (Ok, I think too young to see this)

Courageous and assertive (She walks into the sea without fear and even got on this kids ride(ok let me describe this ride: 4 baskets no safety belts just plain baskets tied from a rope and go round and round, Yeah nearly gave me a heart-attack when Davor said oh it's ok she got on this ride the other day while you where at the bookstore!!)

Tends to be physical and athletic. (Need to say more? I am exhausted from all the running around.)


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  1. You totally had me cracking up on the basket ride! I can just see it now! This blog is such a wonderland...I love reading it!


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