Friday, September 11, 2009


I will admit I feel guilty for sleeping in late and not going for my morning run but it sure felt good getting those extra hours of sleep. But it messes up the way you feel afterwards: sluggish and more tired than before. I woke up just in time for Hubby to go on his p90x training session. Isabela was cranky and had crying spells all morning and afternoon. Daddy actually said she was being "moody"! Our 16 month old "moody?"I don't think she can be moody until she is old enough to have PMS (14, 15 years of age?) but Daddy only knows what "moody" is by being around ME and yes when I am moody I AM cranky and have crying spells. Ok enough about being "moody".

Isabela has been sneezing with runny/stuffy nose which makes it hard for her to eat and breath at the same time. I sure hopes its only allergies. I should know right? I am after all a Pharmacist! But when you have a child you think first as a mother then as your profession. If she continues will have to go to the pharmacy and buy an antihistamine.

Went to see "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3". I know... so last summer but it was just released here in Split (imagine that..... we are like 6 months behind) although we did see "My life in Ruins". So I don't really know the criteria for releasing movies here.

I did major cleaning around the house with the assistance of my little helper. She was feeling better.


  1. We have had allergies here as well! Never this bad until this year.

  2. I had to see Life in Ruins also and I loved it...I really wanna go to Greece now, but onl if Nia Vardalos is my tour guide, can you hook us up? I hear you tweet with her.

  3. I just loved Isabela's picture!


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