Sunday, September 13, 2009


We never make "plans" because they are bound to change so we like to make "suggestions" and no expectations associated with it. But I used to be BIG on "keeping your word". If you said you were going to do something then I expected you to keep your word. Only one problem with that. We are human beings and bound to make mistakes and we cannot control the universe. So when my sister, friend, or husband would say lets go to (ie: the museum or shopping next week) and it never happened, I would be VERY upset because that "PLAN" was never carried out. To me, that person was not honoring their word. Yes this sounds inflexible on my behalf but understand that my upbringing was in a Mexican household and that is how Dad was taught and so it was passed from one generation on to the next. I have FINALLY changed my ways. If someone says I will call you tomorrow and they don't, I let it go. I can tell you it is LIBERATING not to have expectations.

Ok this is NOT where I was planning on going with this post. (HINT<> Hint do not plan)

I was actually going to tell you of our outdoor adventure that we had "suggested".

We visited the Klis Fortress in Klis and the Vranjaca Cave in Dugopolje. I learned so much about the history of Split. Ask me now about dates, name of kings, who conquered who..

hurry hurry before I forget!

The view from the Fortress was amazing. You could see Split, several islands including Brac, Hvar and Solta.

Finding the location of the cave was a whole other story! We were looking for road signs and then we ran into this:

COOL HU! Cows crossing the road!

When we finally found the cave, we were not disappointed. The owner gave us a brief introduction and explained its history. His grandfather, as a child, was chasing a pigeon when he found the cave and discovered what is now known as the Vranjaca Cave. If you call ahead they host lunches:all you can eat and drink and tour of the cave for 120 kunas! That is a bargain (about $24 US dollars) He then explained do not touch anything, take as many pictures as you like and then sent us on our way. When we stepped inside all I could say was WOW! It was a humbling experience. To see so much beauty I was speechless.

The property also has a hiking trail that you can follow from the cave up to the hill behind it. Marko, the owner, also went on to tell us that he has future plans of building a tram which would take you uphill/downhill which ever direction you choose to take. Sounds promising!

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