Thursday, September 24, 2009

Drilling and Lessons

hmmmmm.listening to Croatian music in the background. I found 2 more websites that offer Croatian Lessons then my friend suggested why not find out what internet has to offer and I found a few lessons on Youtube. I want to say it is helping. At least with grammar rules. Did you know that colors have 3 different endings depending on gender of noun you are describing? I mean in English Blue is blue, the blue chair, the blue table, oh but not in Croatian, Blue is Plav, here are 3 examples the first noun is neuter, then masculine and then feminine:
PLAVO more , PLAVI stol, PLAVA stolica(blue ocean, blue table, blue chair). And Not only that but there are 7 grammar cases for NOUNS!! (Yeah, I am trying NOT to get discouraged!)

On another theme:
Woke at at 7am to the sound of drilling!! Sounded like we were in a construction site. Walked outside and the noise was above us and in front of us. Two stories above us they are removing tile from balcony!! and in front of us this tent was being set up.
This tent is for some sort of trade show


  1. Hey, Good luck with the language learning. The color thing sounds cool! and tough at the same time =p but don't get discouraged, I'm sure you're gonna pull this off! I'm myself trying to learn French these days. Not a piece of cake i must say.

  2. Do you remeber how hard it was to learn Ingles? how did we do it?
    Keep us posted of the events of the constructed tent- you will have frontal view access!!!!


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