Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrating a Saint.

I was not brought up believing in saints. Both of my grandmothers on the other hand were Catholic but my mother chose to let us grow up and decide for ourselves. I was not "religious" per se and I won't get into this topic because it is broad and too "political". But my husband said we are going to visit my grandparents because today is Saint Anna's day and they celebrate this day. Ok? I said but what does this celebration entail? He said I am not sure but there will be plenty of food.
Alright I had my reservations but I was trying to be open-minded.
On our drive to the village my husband said ok this is what my mother informed me about the celebration:
Each household in the village picks a saint that they would like to celebrate throughout the year and when that day arrives then they cook and invite people from the village to their home to eat and chat.
We arrive and I was expecting the home to be decorated with lit candles, pictures of saints but that was not the case, it was just like my husband said "plenty of food" for the village!
Grandma and Grandpa brought out plates of meat and bottles of wine and it was a great day to visit with people from the village. I also had the chance to meet my husband's extended family. Trying to keep all their names straight was a bit challenging but they were happy I was trying!

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