Sunday, September 6, 2009

Could Not Believe It

I love this picture. Isabela with Baka Vida in Bribir. So Endearing...

I love grapes........

and I saved the best picture for last.....



Yesterday when we went to visit Baka and Dida in Bribir they had a surprise for us.


Grandpa Uros found these at his neighbor's farm(not sure if they eat them but was more than happy to hand them over to Grandpa)

Do you know what it has been for a Mexican NOT to eat Jalapenos in 3 MONTHS???

How about excessive drooling at any bag of potato chips that advertises HOT all over the bag only to open it and be disappointed because there is nothing HOT about it. I have bought over 2o bags of potato chips and endless jars of salsa only to FINALLY learn that Croatians have a different scale of measuring HOT and MILD. My husband also joined me in my quest (but he took a different route) he went on ebay and ordered the seeds and I am happy to report we now have 2 tiny, tiney seeds sprouting outside our balcony.

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