Monday, September 28, 2009

Today marks progress

It has been 4 months today since we left the States for the relaxed and easy-going lifestyle of Croatia. So how have things changed for me you might ask?
  1. I can say I feel Content. Happy. Stress-free(work-related), Relaxed.
  2. Slowly integrating into Society (learning the language is a key factor).
  3. With the help of technology (Skype) I can call my mother and sisters on a daily basis, (just like we did when I lived in the states).
  4. I miss commodities such as dishwasher and dryer for your clothes.
  5. Still feel uneasy about health-care(due to language barrier)but thankfully haven't had need to see a doctor. (except that 1 time to the ER for Isabela's cut..scary day)
  6. Still getting used to how money just flies out of your pocket and don't know how families manage(average salary for Split residents is about 900 dollars/monthly).
  7. But then again you don't have people using credit cards left and right, most purchases are cash only, So if you can't afford it you don't buy it.
  8. I now buy what I need Not what I want or like (and it is such a relief! so much more simple, no new clothes hanging in the closet with the tag still attached)
  9. I miss driving, but won't risk safety of my family (because drivers here are very territorial about their space..dare NOT pass them in the city!)
  10. Love accesibility for traveling within Europe. We are planning a few trips in the upcoming months. Italy is one of them...... Grazie, Per favore, Ciao, Arrive derci (Can you tell I am practicing my italian common phrases?)
  11. And I don't need to state the obvious, LOVE to spend 24/7 with my precious girl, Isabela
  12. A blessing to have HER in my life.
  13. I can probably go on and on.
  14. But bottom line, YES I miss my parents, sisters, nephews TERRIBLY, but I know when I look back at this experience (in years to come) there will be no Regrets!!
  15. Love you all !!!!(You know who you are)


  1. I am just so proud of you. You are an inspiration! Love ya

  2. I am glad you are adjusting well. This is a once in a lifetime experience...and you are very blessed!



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