Friday, October 30, 2009

Y El Tiempo Pasa (And time passes by)

You would think as time passed by it would be easier to get used to being away from my parents and siblings. I know I have a new family now: my husband his family and our daughter. But being from Mexico I come from a close knit family and I always refer to my parents and sisters as my family. Do you also do that? Or do you say specifically I miss my sisters? Because when I tell my husband that I miss my family he tells me "but we are your family". And I know that is true but as far as the terminology I include: my parents, sisters even cousins and extended family members. Is it childish of me to say "I miss my mom?" Because lately I have been acting quite irritable. Happy then sad then angry and I can only attribute it to being homesick. My poor hubby has been very supportive trying to figure out what mood I am in and trying to cheer me up.

This is the longest time I have gone without seeing my family. I miss my Mom's home cooking. Her cheerful smile. My Dad's delightful stories about fishing. I know I am probably over reacting but writing it down seems to help for the time being. Also, technology really helps me keep in touch and calling them is a click away.

How we sometimes take for granted what we have right in front of our eyes...Hmm.... Is this suppose to be some sort of revelation? That I should live in the present? And that some time soon I will be able to travel back home to Iowa and visit my family? Many questions to think about. I should go now and make that call to my older sister. It's her birthday today!

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