Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beautiful Women

Before having Isabela I used to spend hours perfecting my accessories for the day. What shoes matched my outfit, the right necklace, earrings, etc...Now as a mother my accessories consists of: stroller, purse/diaper bag and can't forget the sunglasses!

This morning as it was another sunny day with no BURA wind in the forecast I thought what a perfect day for a walk. I got ready and asked Beli to get her medo that we were leaving, she looked at me and said "pas?", I replied, "no, you can't take your dog". And this continued for about 5 minutes as she handed me every single toy and named them in the process, "hippo?", "monkey?", "book?" I kept replying "no, you can't take any toys just your medo." Finally we left the house with only her medo on hand and started our stroll along the beach.

Right away I could tell which women sitting at the various coffee shops and walking by were the MOMS. Yes, they were wearing my exact same accessories (stroller, diaper bag and sunglasses). Let me tell you every one wears sunglasses let it be sunny, cloudy, or evening it doesn't matter. Although I noticed some Moms did take extra time to be fashionable. How do they do it? I barely have enough time, or energy to take a shower and wear something decent. I admire maybe even envy these beautiful women who can wear high heels, have the big purse and the most beautiful dress and yet still manage to push a stroller down the cobblestone streets of Split. They make it seem so easy!

Not that I have stopped caring about my appearance but after checking off my mental list of everything I have to include in my purse/diaper bag: keys,phone,wallet, baby wipes,diapers,extra change of clothes, water, snacks, toys and getting Beli ready, two hours have gone by and already I am running late. So I just grab a pair of jeans, a decent blouse and pull hair back and out the door we go. You see I have to plan the day according to Isabela's nap time, otherwise she is not a happy camper.

So maybe as I learn more Croatian I will ask these beautiful women/moms what their secret is. And I promise when I find out, I will also let you in on the secret.


  1. Girl, I know all about that.if you are happy with it, let it be! Soon Isabela will grow up and she will become more self sufficient and you will bless the day she can put her own shoes on!
    remember when sometimes you would NOT go to the baile, cuz it was too much hassle to "get ready?"
    what helped me when both were babies, was to try to have the diaper bag by the door the night before, with keys,phone,wallet, baby wipes,diapers,extra change of clothes, water, snacks, toys and etc. It also helps if you have two or three outfits hanging in your closet ready to go, with everything including earings, belt, scarf, all the accesories, plus you dont need alot to be gorgeous, did Victoria Beckham said all your need is a nice purse, or shoes and shades!

  2. it's a tough tough world sister~but I think you pull it off.


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