Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eating Pancakes

Eating pancakes in a foreign country for the first time. Courtesy of Mom's care package.You might say and what is so special about that? Well living in Split makes it a little difficult to find items that one might find in bigger cities. Since pancakes are not popular here, much like mexican food, you don't find pancake mix/syrup on the shelves of grocery stores.

How do ALL the dishes get dirty at the same TIME????

Progress of construction in front of our Apt. Suppose to be some sort of Trade Show? Will give you more details as progess continues.

Can you see alll those sailboats?


  1. so how many "Ho-Cays" did you eat? Esa Beli, como que le gustan!

  2. Que rico!
    Peque:"can I have some milk?"
    no..........son para los hoy-cays!!


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