Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is Bura?

Yesterday we experienced BURA , the wind gusts from the North. It was actually cold! Yes I know in Split! I had class and my hubby was driving me and then it started raining, then within a few minutes, the wind was blowing so hard and rain came pouring that it was difficult to see in front of us. Davor turns to me and asks "what shoes are you wearing?" I say "my new favorite shoes my sister sent me, why?" He said "you are going to freeze, it is going to get really cold when you get finished with your class." I thought to myself, Oh a little rain and a bit of a wind won't be too bad. Right??? Wrong!! I jumped out of the car, diligent to be on time for my croatian lesson and I was drenched as I made my way across the street. The umbrella I had broke from the strong wind so I was left with nothing to cover my hair (which I spent hours fixing!)
Oh well, at least when I made it to the classroom I was not the only one with a broken umbrella. It was still raining after my class and the wind was blowing so hard. I only had short sleeves and don't forget my sandals! I am hugging my purse in hopes of keeping warm as I waited for Davor to pick me up. Why didn't I listen when he said you need to dress warm this Bura wind is going to get nasty. Oh maybe because I have never experienced this Bura he talks about and I had no idea it gets cold in Split, I mean we are talking about a sunny city protected by mountains!

So today when we thought about going out to visit the town of Solin I dressed warmer as I had learned my lesson! Moral of the story?? Never underestimate the power of BURA!

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  1. This one was a scene right out of a movie! I love it--BURA!!


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