Sunday, October 18, 2009

Constant Supervision

This is what happens when you leave the room for one minute...not even that, a few seconds! She is quick! I ran to the other room to get her clothes ready for her bath and come back and oh my.......................

Did I scream? No! Well Yes, but inside my head! then thought this is why you don't leave your chid unattended! Do you know how much this little bag costs? Yeah Isabela doesn't is a new toy she discovered.....

Look at this way, now I have 3 different bags of wipes handy through the house, out of her reach of course. Wondering how long they will last before drying out?


  1. This is so funny and brings me back great (not so funny at the time) memories of my kids. Watch out for the toilet paper next. She may unroll the whole entire roll one day.

  2. You could start potty training her...then there will be no need for wet wipes =)

  3. child--just wait til she eats glass and cuts her bangs. you are in store for a lovely time!

    I love how you caught her in action!

  4. I know! Wait until you think she ate glass or drank mouth rinse!

  5. Then this was a piece of cake to what is to come..Oh boy!


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