Monday, October 5, 2009

Classes: Day 1

Can I tell you how excited I was today when I woke up and realized today was the DAY? Yes, the long awaited day to start Croatian lessons. Last Friday there was some miscommunication with registration and I was informed when I called the office that classes had already began a week ago. I missed 1 or 2 lessons. Won't deny I was frustrated but only lasted a few minutes because I informed the lady on the other line that I was still interested in attending and would be there on Monday at 6pm sharp!

So its Monday..........How was it you are asking???

After two hours of practicing Croatian with 2 Italians, 1 Brazilian, 1 Canadian, 2 French and 1 Jordan gal and myself from Mexico, I feel ready to conquer Split!!!!! It was challenging but so much fun!

Recap of the evening:
I walked in and saw a student preparing for class and I introduced myself and asked him about the previous lessons and what book(s) I needed to purchase. Then other students starting walking in and saying IN Croatian "oh another new student" (yes I understood that phrase)...I started panicking, these guys are already speaking so well and I told them did I get into the right class? ( I think I was expecting beginner's count from one to ten...learning the colors....but really I wasn't sure what to expect!) One of the students said "Don't worry I have only been in the country for two weeks, I am sure you are well more advanced than I am". Wow I guess this is going to be a fun experience and I can't wait.

The professor walked in and apologized for not having me on her registration list and welcomed me aboard...She is so cool...I like her and her class. She told us right of the bat," I am not here to tell you what words mean in English, that is why you have a dictionary, but rather I am going to teach you about grammar and pronunciation". That is exactly what I need I told myself. Lessons will be twice weekly at the Republic Square and will meet for hour and a half for 5 months.

Again I love challenges! I need to buy my grammar book Pronto!
See you next Wednesday! Laku Noc!


  1. Yayy!!! I'm glad you started classes. Good luck! Are you using your new highlighters? =)


  2. How exciting....I love sc hool...
    Now, you forgot to mention one important detail:
    What were you wearing? know in is all about fashion!!

  3. That is exciting! Good Luck with the class and don't forget to bring an apple for the teacher. :)

    One thing...your content title is mis-spelled. That's why it's not showing up correctly. It should be spelled ${latestItemTitle}


  4. Ooops. My bad. I guess I'm the one who gave you the wrong spelling in the last comment. Sorry!!

  5. Thanks Karen! LOL I was trying to figure what what I was doing wrong. No problem. Let's see if now it works with the next post. *hug*


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