Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Clothing Pieces

Suddenly I am receiving care packages left and right. I feel like such a celebrity. And I love it! Yesterday I received a package from my Older sister. She helps me with fashion tips because if it was up to me I would be in jeans and t-shirt every single day. I love comfort. But my sister adviced me you can have comfort and yet be fashionable. Oh she really needs to switch her career and become a Fashion Consultant!

These are a few of the items I received from her:

These are my favorite earrings for the time being.

This blouse I love the color so chic!

These shoes are so comfortable to walk in!

Thank You Sis for all the blouses, shoes, earrings, ring and bracelet. I liked everything you sent. Isabela also liked the pictures you sent! She called your name right away!



  1. Hey Karen, The Title is working now on the email account! Yeah
    thanks for your tips.

  2. I am so happy, you received the "treats"
    Rock that fashion!

  3. I am ready to read your next post!!! andale


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