Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mothers versus Mothers?

Today I came across this blog about Dr. Phil's debated issue and while I haven't watched the episode I can't help but ask why even bring up the issue: Career women versus Stay-at-home moms. Why the division? Why not unite as Mothers and as Women? Isn't difficult enough and scary that we are responsible for raising another human being who is totally dependent on us?

I asked this question to both of my sisters (whom are both working mothers) and this is what one of them had to say about the topic:

.......from my experience I feel we as women are very harsh on each other and with ourselves and we feel internally guilty for everything from having a career to not having a career (not contributing or providing income in the household)..etc And then we judge we criticize we gossip about other women why? Not sure! I think we are highly critical of our girlfriends and other women even more than our partners (husbands, boyfriends) are of us. Personally, I liked Dr's Phil blog. I had a girlfriend whom I really liked and respected and one day she approached me and said "You need to stay home with your kids!" At first I was embarrased, and of course guilty then later after I thought about it I was mad how dare she? she does not know my situation! Personally I want to stay at home with my kids. But like I said before you don't know my situation at home.....

So I ask you what are your thoughts? Are you a working Mom? A Stay-at-home Mom? In between?



  1. this one is a hard one and I plea the fifth!

  2. I'm a working stay-at-home mom and I enjoy doing what I do as far as my Mary Kay business and taking care of my family.

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  3. They are both great! It's not easy to do either one, and yes a stay at home mother is a working mother. I am a working mother by circumstance, I wish I could spend every day with my son, but unfortunately due to bills needing to be paid, I must work full time. I believe this should not be a debate at all. They are both equal.

  4. When I had my daughter, as a single mother, I didn't have the opportunity to even have that debate with myself. I had girlfriends who were able to stay at home with their young ones, and I was envious.
    On the other hand, now looking at friends who are stay at home moms, I wonder if I would have been happy with that type of lifestyle. I do not regret the decisions I made, and I don't think it should even be up for public debate. Do what feels right to you. End of story.

  5. I say a working mom is one that goes out the door each morning, enduring morning rush, or the one that gets up at 6am at a the request of her child because she want to drink her bottle of milk and play with mom and even though Mom may not leave the door to that place called "work-place" she is still a working mom.MOMS work 24/7! I agree, do what feels right for you and yes this should not even be up for public debate!


  6. Thank you for your comments. I agree do what feels right for you! we are "24/7 working Moms". I like that!

  7. I think as mothers we make choices
    sometimes difficult choices regarding our children
    In an ideal world,,,we as women should come together, support and rally around each other
    Unfortunately we have a two set of women across each side of the fence that feel very strong
    about their stance
    have you seen that you have a group of working moms, and then another "congretation of stay -home moms
    but not a mixed group?
    I think we could really learn from each


Thank you for your comments!

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