Friday, October 9, 2009

Behind the Wheel

My husband's cousin Miss V. recently moved to Split from the island of Brac with her little girl Laura, or as Isabela calls her YA-YO! They have become good buddies as well as Miss V and myself. Today she called and asked if I wanted our daughters to have a playdate. Sure I said I will catch the bus and meet you at your place. She said great see you in a bit. My husband then asked, "Why don't you take the car? I asked "the car?" Sure he answered "why not?" UMMM, I am thinking of the reasons in my head: I am scared for one. Drivers are way too fast for me to keep up. Motorcyclists pass you left and right, and I haven't driven since we left the States and that was 5 months ago and again I am scared. Internally debating to do it or not to do it? Then I told myself ok WHY NOT??

Sitting behind the steering wheel I was sweating already and it wasn't because it was hot, no it was the fear, anxiety and a rush of adrenaline I was feeling. I turned the ignition on and started driving and was coaching myself as I crossed two major intersections. Telling myself words of encouragement, "see you crossed 1 street, now on the next, good job!" Darn I was too busy talking to myself I just passed the street where I am suppose to park. Alright make a loop and have to turn around. Hey I say to Isabela, look Mama is driving! I turn on a small street make a u-turn and find a place to park.

I unbuckle my seat belt and scream " I did it... woo-hoo!" Isabela is looking at me like saying...."what is so funny MAMA you can't stop smiling?"

Upon our return back home, I was still nervous but a bit more confident. I even managed to park exactly how my hubby had the car parked in the garage. So if you are asking, are you driving again? Umm, answering in a meek voice, yes? I mean YES.

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