Thursday, October 1, 2009

Care Package

Today I received a care package from my Mom. Because of the time difference I had to stare at the box for 6 hours until it was 8am in the States and I could open the box while talking to Mom. I felt so giddy staring at that box. Then my husband said, You know it lists the contents of the box on the outside. And he started reading.....I said I don't want to know, please don't read. I wanted to be surprised.

These were the contents:

1. Gansitos Beli saw the box and was screaming DUCKEEEEE!!!!! I ate these growing up in Mexico.They are addicting!

2.Pancakes and syrup. SO Happy I miss eating them on sundays (Yes I found the recipe for pancake mix online but none for maple syrup)

3. "Maggi"-tomato bouillons-,Fideos (Special brand of noodles)

4.Ziplock bags (so handy for snacks, and just about anything you can think of), sippy cups (yeah!) for Beli

5. Canela (para la avena) Hey that rhymes, only in spanish! Cinnamon sticks so I can add to my oatmeal.

6 Vanilla extract (from Mexico) and Peanut butter

7. A tea set for Beli

I still feel bad about the shipping expense Mom had to pay.


  1. a picture of the gansitos...please..loved the new format

  2. Is that Isabela?
    I am craving a gansito!


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