Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warm weather has returned

Sunny weather is back to Split and so are the mosquitos! Poor Beli has three bites on one cheek and one BIG one on the other side and even though we tell her not to touch that is equivalent to her wanting to scratch it even more! Plus she is teething with fever and highly irritable. She screams for me and when I go to hold her but she doesn't want me to carry her. That is usually when she wakes up after her nap. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what toys we can use to distract her she is better.

In addition, her appetite has decreased which in turn has my father-in-law saying that "she looks like she has lost weight" and my mother-in-law saying there are cases of the swine-flu going around and that now we should think about that flu shot that previously she commented Beli didn't need because she is healthy and not at risk????

By now I am used to these kind of comments and they really don't bother me as I have 4 nephews and my parents are used to having sick children around them without panicking. My husband on the other hand is having a harder time accepting their advice. I say to him" Isabela is their first grandchild of course they are going to panic if she starts displaying any signs of illness."

All we can do is acknowledge their concern and say we are trying our best as parents. Now where is that pediatrician card so we can set up an appointment?

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