Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Visiting Solin

Despite being windy and chilly we decided to explore the town of Solin about 8km northeast of Split. We passed by one of the parks and stopped to find a place to park our car. I noticed how green and beautiful and clean it was. It really gave a feeling of serenity.

Isabela is enjoying the freedom to walk around without having to hold our hand.

My little angel. I really enjoy Motherhood. The best feeling is when I hear Isabela call for me, Mammy!Mammy!

If I recall correctly I read here that the present-day parish church is dedicated to St. Mary known as Gospa od Otoka (Our lady of the Islet). Ok I wrote some of this information down. You didn't expect me to remember everything did you?

There was no information here but I believe it was erected in honor of Pope John Paul II when he visited Croatia in 1998 .

My Husband Davor and our sweet darling. She calls him Daddy! and also Taddy! Taddy! (a mix of Tata and Daddy)

Sitting and admiring the ducks on the river and saying "Patka."

Playing peek-a-boo and You guessed it right, she can't go anywhere without her Medo (bear).

After only half an hour we are heading back home, it is too windy! See her red nose? Unfortunately we were not able to see much of Solin. Sounds like an opportunity to come back don't you think?

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  1. your photo skills are so good. it's like i was there with you guys...and MEDO too!


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